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post-processing steps

Parts that come out of the printers rarely comply nor satisfy with the end customer demands. Surface cleaning and preparation for additional finishing operations is a must. Getting accurate, consistent and cost-effective results during such stages is key.

air blasting

The working principle of air-blasting consists of projecting or shooting an abrasive media against the parts. Choosing the righ abrasive and process conditions understanding the target surface finishig requirements is of maximum importance.


Tumbling, also referred as “rotary vibration” or “vibration” is the mechanical process consisting of submerging the pieces inside a container with selected abrasive media(s) to polish and finish the parts as required.
Main benefits are: a controlled reduction of the surface roughness and improved touch and aesthetics.

abrast media shot

Abrast Media Shot is a unique process that combines 3 steps in 1, cleaning, surfacing and finishing the parts eventually avoiding dyeing. The process can process a full MJF printing job within 5 minutes.
The working principle consists of projecting abrasive media at high energy ranges and has a bespoke propietary triple air /dust / media filtration system that completely eliminates the printing powder.

The benefits are mainly high production capacity, improved color uniformity, enhanced mechanical properties with minimum overall part costs. Also the equipment is prepared for full automation, with loading and unloading capabilities.

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