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Abrast: the alliance for integral solutions in AM post-processing

As additive manufactured applications expand from prototyping to mass production, post-processing gains importance and becomes a critical step in the value chain.

If we compare the rapidly growing and highly innovative AM sector with a race, the post-processing and finishing of AM parts would come as the final step before getting to the finish line. Quite often, the value of the parts is untapped at this stage and can determine the success or failure of all the prior steps.

Abrast is born to help you getting to your finish line, with confidence, revealing the real value of your parts. This is done through the joined efforts of a Group of Companies, each one of those experts in different post-processing technologies for more than 40 years, that allow Abrast to capitalize and provide sound Post-Processing Integral Solutions.

IAM3DHUB members:

Founding member of

The IAM3DHUB is a unique Digital Innovation Hub strategically located in Barcelona with the aim to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies in the European industry as an alternative way to design, develop and manufacture new competitive products and services.

Abrast’s commitment and alignement with the IAM3DHUB mission since the early stages plays a key role in understanding the market needs and continue offering advice and state-of-the-art technical solutions to the market.

With fully fledged Laboratories and Testing facilities, the IAM3DHUB and Abrast are available to help you getting to the finish line.

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ABRAST is a founding member of IAM3DHUB together with HP, Renishaw, Leitat, Fira de Barcelona and In(3D)ustry, an international digital innovation centre for research and development of additive manufacturing technologies.

ABRAST is a technology provider of 3D Factory Incubator with the goal to promote the adoption of 3D Printing technologies through the creation of a space for the incubation of SME’S and micro-SME’s related to these technologies. 

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